My Story.

Ethereal Expression...

"My gift is being able to link seemingly unrelated items. I’ve always had it."

When I was 5 years old, I won a Los Angeles suburb art show for simple use of unrelated colors on the picture of a Lion.  At first brush this is truly too juvenile to mention.  Except, now that I am creating again, the same process I used as a child is flowing.  I had never lost it, it had just lain dormant, like so many parts of my life.  I am truly honored to create these paintings for my patrons. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder!  My clients see what they see in my work, it’s most likely nothing like what I meant it to be, however it exists now and hopefully forever. 

I see myself as a broad strokes Jackson Pollack.  His work was truly Avant-garde.  He had so many critics.  Yet he helped many understand another world.  My favorite story of his is how nervous his benefactors would be before a show.  Sometimes he had very limited work created in advance. Then inspiration would come and he would create in short order, seemingly from nothing.  I love this idea of creating so much without toil.  Moreover, a friend of mine once asked an artist how long it took to create a painting, and the artist, understanding that the person asking the question was attempting to calculate value by estimating an hourly work rate, simply replied, “All my life”.  Each of my works is the capstone of my entire life up until the point I sign it. 

Well, that’s enough of me, I simply paint to channel my love of interconnecting seemingly unrelated items.  In the end, you’ll see what you see in my work and that is what makes it such an honor to create.  Surrounded by patrons, I am busy again connecting seemingly unrelated colors, songs and whatever story you have to share into the images found in this gallery.  Perhaps you’ll commission your own?

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